April 24, 2020

A Collection of Essays and Images Curated
by Shana Mabari and Andi Campognone

134 pages, hardcover, 7.5 x 9.25 inches, 20 photographs


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“Children at play, artists at work, and scientists measuring quantum effects share this in common: they are all creating reality.” – LEONARD SHLAIN

An intimate meditation on an almost infinite subject, Space aims to explode an ordinary everyday word into a dazzling prism via an exploration of some of the many interpretations of the term. Artist Shana Mabari asked more than a dozen individuals from dramatically different walks of life—from an astronaut and a filmmaker to an art critic and a musician—what they think about when they think about space. Their answers, which alternate with exceptional work from contemporary Southern California artists selected by curator Andi Campognone, invigorate and inspire, and in turn become fodder for reflection upon our relationship to ourselves, to others, and to the universe at large.

Andi Campognone has over 30 as an arts and culture leader in the southern California region. She is the Executive Director of AC Projects, a non-profit consulting organization focused on promoting arts and culture. Projects include developing museum exhibitions, public engagement, mentoring programs and book and film publications of historically relevant southern California artists. Campognone is also the Arts Manager/Senior Curator for the City of Lancaster’s museums. She is responsible for the development and maintenance of partnerships and community engagement initiatives with artists, businesses, stakeholders, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Los Angeles County Supervisors office, California Arts Council and higher level institutions. She develops curatorial direction for exhibition, educational and engagement programming and additionally leads the public art initiatives for the City of Lancaster. She has previously served the City of Pomona as Cultural Arts Commissioner where she co-wrote and implemented the City’s Master Cultural Arts Plan and the adopted Arts in Public Places Policy. She is the cofounder of Kipaipai, a professional development workshop for artists in Hawaii, California and New York. Campognone is on the Board of the Lancaster Museum and Public Art Foundation and on the Board of the Holualoa Foundation for Arts and Culture. She volunteers as a regular speaker and mentor to art students at both the undergraduate and graduate level and is on the advisory board of the Los Angeles Arts Association. She is a member of ArTTable.

Shana Mabariis an American contemporary artist with a studio practice based in Los Angeles and Ibiza, Spain. Previously she has lived and worked in Paris, Northern India, Southeast Asia, and Tel Aviv. Central to Mabari’s practice are her ongoing investigations of the intersections of art and science, as evidenced by her sculptures, installations, and immersive environments that explore the dynamics of visual perception and the ways in which we experience physical space.

Zen Psychosis

November 1, 2019

by Shana Nys Dambrot
Photographs by Osceola Refetoff

172 pages, hardcover, 5 X 8 inches, 33 photographs


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Congratulations to Shana Nys Dambrot & Osceola Refetoff for Zen Psychosis being included in the 2020 L.A. Taco Book Guide: 32 L.A.-Centered Books to Read, Gift, and Get Inspired On.

Video recording of livestreamed April 20th reading from Chungking Studio (talk starts at about the 4-minute mark):

L.A. Weekly podcast, March 6th:

Signed copies can now be purchased & shipped to you directly from A.G. Geiger Fine Art Books — a brilliant place for all your art-book and (culture podcast) needs! 

Zen Psychosis on Instagram: 

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Oil Painting Safe Practices, Materials & Supplies: The Essential Guide

July 1, 2019
Written and Illustrated by Kimberly Brooks

151 pages
5 x 8 inches

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The Essential Guide: Oil Painting Safe Practices Materials & Supplies is a culmination of years researching the best and safest materials for oil painting by artist Kimberly Brooks. Oil painting practices need not be complicated and are often misunderstood and produce unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals. Simple explanations and lists of mediums, canvas types, paint brands and brushes are accompanied by simple illustrations created by the artist.

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Sant Khalsa: Prana – Life with Trees

May 16, 2019

178  pages
7.5 x 9.25 inches

ISBN: 978-0-9998452-6-4


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Sant Khalsa is an artist and activist whose projects develop from her impassioned inquiry into the nature of place and complex environmental and societal issues. Her artworks create a contemplative space where one can sense the subtle and profound connections between themselves and the natural world.

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UC Berkeley Arts + Design Showcase: Issue 03 2019

March 27, 2019

160  pages
7.5 x 9.25 inches

ISBN: 978-1-7326992-3-6


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Issue 3 of Made at Berkeley gathers outstanding creative work by UC Berkeley undergraduate students with stunning texts and images on nearly every page. From the visual arts to film to the performing arts, from the literary arts to architectural and industrial design, the book features the achievements of top students in their respective fields.

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Paul Cummins: The Collected Poems

January 7, 2019

148 pages
6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-0-9998452-9-5

Available Spring 2019


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Paul Cummins, a renown educator and social justice activist, entered the world of poetry in 1966 while writing a doctoral dissertation on the poetry of twice pulitzer prize winning Richard Wilbur at USC. This book, selected from the nearly 600 poems written between 1966-2017, since then, offers a clear and often inspiring voice, with brilliant and sacred imagery all the while allowing for uncommon accessibility. This volume includes sonnets, prose poems, odes as well as various metered, and stanzaic poems.

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He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump

July 24, 2018

92 pages
5 x 8 inches
30 Illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9998452-8-8


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In 2013, Donald Trump got involved in his first sustained Twitter War. Unfortunately for Trump, in this endeavor as in so very many others, he was not up to the task. If you’re someone with no discernible sense of humor – someone for whom ridicule is like Kryptonite – a professional comedy writer would not be an ideal opponent with whom to engage. He Started It!: My Twitter War with Trump is the complete record (with commentary) of Donald Trump’s hilarious three-month-long delusion that he was outwitting Danny Zuker. Introduction by Paul Slansky.

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Theseus: Vincent Desiderio on Art

May 24, 2018

164 pages
5 x 8 inches
30 Illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9993153-7-8


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“No editorializing takes place here. There is no fluff. Yet the two men leap from artist to artwork, from observations about narrative structure to biology to the manifestation of surfaces. It is humorous, deadly serious, and very encouraging to witness; the Apollonian and Dionysian impulses can coexist. This conversation demonstrates the joy of an intellectual and poetic exchange between two artists who share a knowledge of the deep concerns of art making in all its myriad forms.”
– Excerpt from review by Matt Ballou, in NeotericArt

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Central Park Love Song

May 23, 2018

Wandering Beneath the Heaventrees
by Stephen Wolf

240 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches
25 Illustrations & Maps

ISBN: 978-0-9993153-6-1


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[Stephen Wolf’s] “Central Park Love Song: Wandering Beneath the Heaventrees” is an eloquent, evocative ode that encompasses New York history, past and contemporary protagonists, geography and botany so gracefully that reading his book is like, well, a walk in the park.
– Sam Roberts, The New York Times

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May 11, 2018

133 pages
7.5 x 9.25 inches
ISBN: 978-1-7326992-1-2

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This book chronicles shift in practice from figuration to abstraction in the paintings of Kimberly Brooks using the last five years of painting against the backdrop of her works on paper spanning her career.  The book is published in conjunction with Mt San Antonio College. Beautiful color images, essays by Michael Wilson and Shana Nys Dambrot, and an Interview with curator Fatemeh Burnes fill this compilation.

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