Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes Amazon will erroneously list the book as out of stock, even though that’s impossible because it is a print on demand item. This is due to a) an algorithm they use to heighten demand or b) they want to try to get the publisher to store batches of books in their warehouse and charge more money to the publisher than their typical 30%-50% of retail plus handling fee.  In order to correct such falsities, we have to wait for the listing to be available on the website for at least 30 days before we’re allowed to file a complaint. We rely on Ingram to push the meta data to alli of their distribution networks, including Barnes and Noble and Indiebound.   In Barnes & Nobles’ case, we have seen instances where it will be erroneously listed at a higher price than our set retail price.  Again, we have to wait 30 days to issue a correction.

Here’s an except of the text:
“If the title is listed as completely unavailable or “temporarily out of stock,” we request them to update the availability status. How Amazon lists a title and the availability status on their website is ultimately up to them.  Amazon’s purchasing decisions are supported by an algorithm that is proprietary to Amazon. In choosing to stock titles or even show products as available on their sites, Amazon considers many pieces of information about your book. Factors in a decision to stock a book may include discount (with a maximum trade discount being most favorable), whether a book is returnable, product page views, and sales history. Even print on demand books may not show an ‘in stock’ message at Amazon.”

The good news is that it will always be available on our website: and many other distribution channels.  If either of these circumstances occur, please notify us here and will will start the correction process.

New Editions:
Another consideration to take into account: If a new edition is under review with the printer, Amazon and B&N will often halt the current availability of the current edition until the new edition has been approved. This means that whenever a new edition is preferred, it can take the book off the market for a time period for those who want to order it immediately on the bigger sites.  The current edition will always be available to order on the website and we urge you to make that your go to link.

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