Paul Cummins: The Collected Poems

January 7, 2019

148 pages
6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-0-9998452-9-5

Available Spring 2019


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Paul Cummins, a renown educator and social justice activist, entered the world of poetry in 1966 while writing a doctoral dissertation on the poetry of twice pulitzer prize winning Richard Wilbur at USC. This book, selected from the nearly 600 poems written between 1966-2017, since then, offers a clear and often inspiring voice, with brilliant and sacred imagery all the while allowing for uncommon accessibility. This volume includes sonnets, prose poems, odes as well as various metered, and stanzaic poems.

Cummins, likens the absolute quiet that he requires to create as his own mini temple. Where usually the act of creation is deliberate, sometimes it startled Cummins: “Sometimes, poems just appear, such as ‘Red Rover’ which wrote itself in the my head while driving, and I had to pull over on the side of the rode to capture it.”

In addition to poems about everyday life, the subjects of this selection occasionally delve into literature and history as in “HCE: A Son-Not (?)”, and “Endsandbeginsand,” each providing a nod to Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, in addition to war poems featuring subjects from Buchenwald to Nagasaki to Vietnam.

Cummins offers a rare blend of depth and accessibility. These poems, besides addressing the core issues of human experience, offer genuine aesthetic treats – unusual forms, rhyme and rhythm in synch, assonance and imagery. Even in poems seemingly simple, there is artistry to enjoy.

Brazen, A Painting and Poetry Collection

October 10, 2017

Hardcover Linen, Gold Foil, Dust Jacket
122 pages
5 x 8 inches
24 Illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9993153-3-0


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Four Los Angeles-based poets write and perform original poems inspired by the recent exhibition of Los Angeles based artist Kimberly Brooks.  Brendan Constantine, Rich Ferguson, Luivette Resto and Marie Marandola will be performing at the Zevitas Marcus Gallery at 2:00 PM Sunday Oct 29th where advance reader copies will be available for guests.  The book will be available for release in the spring of 2018.

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These Violent Delights: A Novel

September 6, 2017

By Victoria Namkung

243 pages, Hardcover, 6.19 x 9.35 inches
ISBN 978-0-9993153-1-6
Publication Date: November 7, 2017

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At Windemere School for Girls, one of America’s elite private schools, Dr. Gregory Copeland is the beloved chair of the English Department. A married father with a penchant for romantic poetry—and impressionable teenage girls—he operates in plain sight for years, until one of his former students goes public with allegations of inappropriate conduct. With the help of an investigative journalist, and two additional Windemere alumnae who had relationships with Copeland as students, the unlikely quartet unites to take him down.

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