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4 Key Things about our Process

1. We work with ONE point person per book.

If you’re a single author or artist, fantastic, it’s you!  If are an editor or institution and assembling a book of many artists writers or contributors, you will be in charge of communicating with them and relaying information to us.  If you are a contributor, contact your point person.

2. We DO NOT communicate about books via email.

Save all your questions and thoughts for our phone meetings (Kick off, Design/Copy Review, Launch). We will have our kick off meeting after you deliver us all your materials.   To communicate with us, use this form: www.griffithmoon.com/noemail

3. Let us know when you’re ready when all the images and files are in Dropbox.

  • All Images should be TIFFS files.
  • 10” min on longest side 300 dpi.
  • File names should suggest sequence within a folder.
  • Caption lists should also be in a word doc and correspond to the numbering system you’ve created.
  • Text should be a word docs in the folder that corresponds with the images and sections.

Let us know when everything is DONE here: www.griffithmoon.com/ready

If you deliver assets that exceed the page count you will incur fees to both evaluate or produce a larger book then agreed upon book.  www.griffithmoon.com/rates

4. Either give FEEDBACK OR APPROVAL on files here:


The files we submit to you for approval will be easily accessible on a private web page we set up for you.  Extra Revisions cost extra money starting at a minimum of $200 per revision depending on the severity of the changes.  Other change requests fees are here:



Extra revisions or Editions if necessary for an additional cost.


To Update your book listing on Griffith Moon

(to include any events, news, info)



  • Each version of a book, paperback, hardcover, e-Book has a separate ISBN
  • Pre-Ordering only possible on the Griffith Moon Website
  • The listing metadata is what is used to populate the distribution channels, not editable in Amazon, etc.
  • Once a book is enabled for distribution it can take more than a week to be populated correctly on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Ebook Conversion takes approximately 15 business days, no file revisions can occur until complete.
  • Amazon can be fickle.
  • Sometimes Amazon lists book as out of stock when they’re not.

    Griffith Moon Publishing